18 year old Dutch boy resists left-wing indoctrination at school

Published on 23 December 2019 at 21:49

Mats N. is an 18-year-old boy who attends high school in the Netherlands. He is convinced that secondary education is too one-sided, unequal and pre-conceived, but also that teachers incorporate their own political beliefs into lessons and approach it as facts rather than an opinion. For example, President Trump is almost always portrayed negatively in questions. Or political issues, such as the Black Peter discussion or global warming, are incorporated in assignments where only the left wing is highlighted and there is no room for other political views. These issues are often treated as proven facts, while they are usually not proven at all.


Another example of the submissions that Mats received is that a 'week without meat' was organised at a school. The school encouraged students not to bring meat to school this week, but the problem was that they also took all the meat out of the canteen for a week. In short, as a student you had no choice whatsoever.


My opinion is that people have to know for themselves whether they eat meat or not, I don't care what you eat, that's your own responsibility. But when the choice is made for you, it's a different matter. Plus it's a political statement, because there's a small group of people who say meat isn't good for you. If this week then becomes mandatory, it's a political statement that's forced upon you.

In February 2019 he made an instagram account where students from all over the Netherlands submitted photos of left-wing indoctrination in education. Unfortunately Mats' page was blocked, after which he started a website so that he can no longer be censored.


When Mats N. was invited by Robert Jensen (a well known Dutchman who also protests against the leftist tone) to have his page promoted, Mats suddenly got tens of thousands of followers. Pupils and students followed him, but also parents who agreed that the left-wing indoctrination in education should be stopped. According to Mats, teachers also have freedom of speech, but these opinions should not be treated as fact and it should be possible to discuss them fairly.


I think this is a very good initiative and fully agree with Mats. Schools are meant to learn and thus to be able to form your own opinion and develop yourself in a healthy way. This doesn't happen if there is a political preference among teachers and these are represented as facts, while there are also other sides and counter-arguments by students who have a different opinion.


A survey among 3300 members of the General Education Association in the Netherlands showed that more and some of the teachers actually vote for leftist political parties. In 2018, 27% of lecturers voted for GL (left-wing party), 19% for PVDA (left-wing party), 15% for D66 (both left-wing and right-wing views) and 12% for PvdD (left-wing party). If we were to say that 7.5% of the D66 voters are more left-wing political, we would arrive at no less than 65.5% of these lecturers who are left-wing political.


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Schools should be obliged to hire teachers of different political views, as these are now more left-political in their teaching.

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Henk Hakvoort
a year ago

Educational institutions should be representing society as a whole. So both right and left oriented political preference should be present.